6 awesome coconut oil applications

Whether it’s for CrossFit, in the kitchen, or a contribution to your kink-factor, coconut oil fits the bill.

Coconut oil is a popular product, but some of its best opportunitities for use are not so obvious. For many CrossFitters and caveman-dieters, coconut oil is a go-to for cooking, but numerous other applications are often overlooked. Coconut oil can be utilized in the box, the bedroom, and beyond. So to expand your home remedy horizons, let’s review the joys of oil from our favorite tree-top jewel.

Cooking: It’s no shocker that coconut oil can cook a mean fried egg or chicken breast. Rather than greasing a pan with a slick layer of products your’re unable to pronounce, use a tablespoon of coconut oil knowing you’re adding flavor, healthy fats, and cutting out the crap. Also, add it to the top of a sweet potato to tantalize the taste buds, or into a baked batch of goodness to keep things moist and mouth-watering. Coconut oil should be a staple in any CrossFitters cupboard.

Hands: Tears can be ferocious and frustrating. some athletes turn to grips and chalk, while others explore tape and technique changes. But to keep those hands baby soft and flap-of-skin-free, coconut oil is the ointment of choice. A daily slathering is a perfect long-lasting solution for those dry and aggressively used appendages. Keep your hands healthy and ready to work with an easy in-home oil application.

Coffee: Committed CrossFit athletes sometimes find themselves lacking some of the essential calories and fats necessary to maintain peak performance. Coconut oil offers a simple and tasty solution. Add a dollop in your coffee for a breakfast bonus. This coconut concoction can give you energy for the day without a sudden insulin increase. Add a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk and you are in for a real treat. So caffeinate the CrossFit way, with some coconut oil and coffee.

Hair: If your hair is naturally unruly and dry, or if the weather has taken a toll, coconut oil might be just the treatment your tresses yearn for. Try just a drop, or get serious and slather it on. Whatever works best to boost the health of your hair. Coconut oil can lock some moisture into your beast-mode mane, so your strands will shimmer and shine. Better than any salon product, apply chemical-free coconut oil.

Skin: Your body’s largest organ is often left to the mercy of the elements. Give your skin some support with a liberal application of coconut oil. Just like lotion but without all the additives, oil will offer some relief from the discomfort we experience as a result of excessive sweat sessions. Rid yourself of dryness and itching and add a little life to your birthday suit with coconut oil.

Lubricant: Loving coconut oil may seem like an extreme expression, but once you have used it in the bedroom you, too, will begin your oil-infused love affair. It only makes sense that if we exhibit caution with the foods we put in our body, we should do the same when it comes to the product we use in moments of passion. Keep your reproductive parts as clean as your diet with a little coconut oil caressing.

Coconut oil is like duct tape. Turns out, it has endless applications and a host of healing powers. And as a whole product, we have little to fear from our friend, the coconut. It’s cost effective and clean. A natural solution to your every need, coconut oil is a must.

Abi Reiland
Co-Owner, Trainer, Athlete, CrossFit 8035
Author of of 6 Awesome Coconut Oil Applications